In organizing a conference there are always a large number of people behind the scenes who help to make the event a success and we hope you join with me in thanking them as you move around this week.

Obviously the largest contribution is made by the IPC chair Sebastian and we want to thank him personally for his cheerfulness under stress and willingness to give of his own time and experience to facilitate a successful event for us all. I am sure he would also like to extend thanks to all the members of the IPC who helped with reviewing.

We should also mention Bozenna who is always tirelessly enthusiastic and supportive in her role as EDCOM chair.

Nationally, some persons deserve special mention for the extra efforts they have made to ensure this conference is a success. Richard has also been a calm presence to discuss plans, Derek and Keith have been very proactive in offering assistance and advertising the event internationally. Others have helped galvanise the community by organising special sessions.

Within the department special thanks go to Matthew who has acted as local administrator carrying a good deal of the small but important tasks such as organising he banquet and managing the budget.

Finally, we would also give special thanks to our plenary speakers for the contribution to making this a successful event.

Anthony Rossiter and Sebastian Dormido

Conference Sponsors