The material submitted for presentation at an IFAC meeting (Congress, Symposium, Conference, Workshop) must be original, not published or being considered elsewhere. All papers accepted for presentation appear in the Preprints of the meeting distributed to the participants. Papers duly presented at the IFAC Congress, Symposia, Conferences and Workshops will be hosted on-line on the website and will be citable via an ISSN and a DOI. The presented papers will be further screened for possible publication in the IFAC journals (Automatica, Control Engineering Practice, Annual Reviews in Control, Journal of Process Control, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, and Mechatronics), or in IFAC affiliated journals. All papers presented will be recorded as IFAC Publications.

Copyright of material presented at IFAC meeting is held by IFAC. Authors have been required to transfer copyrights electronically. The IFAC journals and, after these, IFAC affiliated journals have priority access to all contributions presented. However, if the author is not contacted by an editor of these journals, within three months after the meeting, he/she is free to submit an expanded version of the presented material for journal publication elsewhere. In this case, the paper must carry a reference to the IFAC meeting where it was originally presented and, if the paper has appeared on the website, also a reference to this publication.

Please contact IFAC Secretariat for further information about IFAC Copyright related issues.