The University of Sheffield
ACE 2013

The University of Sheffield and surrounding area

Detailed directions to the conference venue (Portobello Centre and Henry Stephenson Building on Mappin Street) are under the travel link.

The University of Sheffield is one of the oldest Universities in the UK with a particularly excellent reputation in engineering. The host department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering is the largest ‘control' focussed department in Europe with approximately 20 academic staff as well as numerous researchers and PhD students. It has achieved repeatedly top research ratings over the past 2 decades for the impact of its wide ranging contributions. We are delighted to host this symposium in recognition of the importance of student education to our futures.

Short video about the area near the venue, courtesy of vimeo.

For those who want to spend a little time as a tourist, Sheffield was one of the key towns during the industrial revolution and 'made in Sheffield' was synonymous with steel manufacturing. However, what made Sheffield an ideal location for steel production was its proximity to large areas of beautiful and hilly countryside, the peak district, and hence a ready supply of fast running water from all the mountain streams which converge at Sheffield. As a city Sheffield is one of the most beautiful in the UK due to the large number of large parks within the city, the huge numbers of trees and wonderful views offered by virtue of being built on 7 hills. Moreover, it is only 6km from the city centre to the beginning of the peak district. The train ride from Manchester Airport will give you a chance to travel through some of the peak district.

Popular tourist attractions include Chatsworth house and so nearer the time or during the conference itself we will help facilitate a group visit by shared taxi or similar for those who are interested. We may do likewise for other local attractions that are popular with delegates. Watch the website for details of how to book in advance.

Sheffield is also home to the two oldest football clubs in the world (Sheffield FC and Sheffield Hallam) and two of the oldest professional sides (Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday). Sheffield Hallam still play on the original sloping ground just 2 miles from the University.